My new life in cambell river

I moved to cambell river. I am in oyster river school. I have 3 cousins in my new school. There names are…Destiny, wyat and caren. I am the 3rd oldest girl in my class. I have a kitten. I named him lucky because he is a lucky cat! Lucky is the cutest kitty that I have ever seen. Lucky is sooooooooooo funny! He jumps into the laundry basket,He clings to my legs, He farts in my face, which is gross and He jumps on my belly!

The End Of School Year

In a few days it will be the end of year. I can’t wait to have summer holidays. I have leaned so many things at school. We started to learn about Daily five. Daily five is when your teacher calls your name and you ether say read to self, read to someone, writing, blogging, or lisin. Some times when you are reading Mrs.Watson calls us up to read to her. We ulsaly have to have a writing round every day. But some times we dont have to have a writing round. We also leaned how to write lower case leters in hand writing. Mrs.Watson said that we get to bring a new hand writing booklet home, but I think she forgot. I hope to talk to you all next year.

My glog

Today I made a glog. The name is heart land. please visit this web site to see the glog.

Glogster is a place were you can choose your own back ground and put figures in it
I hpe you like the glog.

I Am Moving!

I am going to be moving at the end of the month. I am so exited that I could turn into a cake! I am moving to campbell river, close to my ant. I am living with my dad right now, but I want to live with my mom. I am so exited!

Story Birds with New Zealand

A few weeks ago we made story birds with New Zealand. It was soooo much fun. My partner was Jonathan. He is good at making story birds. I want to make lots more story birds with Jonathan.

My story was called Magic’s Wand. It was about a magic cat whose name was Magic. She wanted to find a few friends.

We were making story birds with each other from the other side of the world! Their class is called B4. Their teacher is Mrs.Mckenzie. They made a post about making story birds together too. But they put the story birds on there blog with their post. Every one in my class got to make a story bird with a partner from B4. Ana, Kennedy, Karin, Sophie, Quang, Silkence, Justin, Lily, Sahara, Jenny, Neill, Dante, Brooklyn, Fay and Jordan. Everyone did a good job. A story bird is when you make a story on a computer. You get to choose the picher, the title and all the words! A story bird can be about almost anything!:)  I think I have at least 3 story birds to finish. We need to use usernames and passwords to login. If tou want to make your own story birds go and press sign up. Here is my story bird.


Magic's Wand on Storybird


Hair is very, very soft. If you touch it you will fall in love! Hair will put a caurse on you, so you gotta be carful. Hair is easy to dafeat. You only have to cut your hair. But it will grow back! You have to be careful, please be careful around hair!

Bunnicula The Vampire Bunny! Warning,this may be too scary.

Bunnicula the Vampire Bunny is by James Howe and is illustrated by Jeff Mack.
The story is in the vampire days. My reading has gotten better since September! How long have you been reading? My mom taught me how to read, but now I can read even better than I used too. I am getting better at reading every day, but sometimes I get a little too carried away! That’s because I love reading. I have used all kinds of strategies too learn more reading.

I hope you like my video:

My Art

We have been learning lots of things in Art. We have learned about tints and shades.  We have learned about stroking the paint with the paint brush. We learned that white makes colours lighter and black makes colours darker.  Here is a list of things that we have painted before:
4.Jim-Dine desk hearts
5.Name Art
6.Snowman faces
7.Snowflake Snowman
8.Hot Dogs and Cool Cats
9.Silly Lines
10.Fishing at Dawn

Art is a very special.

Here is my video:

Frog Eggs, Frog Eggs, Frog Eggs!

At my house I have frog eggs. Most of them have hached.I am going to bring them to school. I have them all packed up to go to school in a big jar. The lid is scewed on tight so they dont fall out and die. Lots of the eggs are all sheded.I am going to keep them at school for a few days and I will take them home when they are done the visit. I just love frog eggs.

Common Craft Water Cycle Videos

Today we started to make water cycle videos.
The water cycle is a cycle that never ends. We will tell you about Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation. The water cycle goes on for years and years. It is a wonderful video! It will tell you lots in the video.
Here is my groups video:

I hope you like the video!
Oh, By the way, you can watch it any time!